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UAW President Talks Tough

UAW President Talks Tough
March 28, 2007 08:14 AM EST

DETROIT (AP-WANE) -- UAW President Ron Gettelfinger warns companies not to misinterpret the union's past cooperation as a sign of weakness in contract talks.

Gettelfinger says the union would fight at the bargaining table, in court, politically and on the picket line.

Gettelfinger also says he's tired of "playing games" with Delphi Corporation.

He's vowing that the union will strike the struggling auto-parts maker if it goes ahead with plans to void its labor contracts in court.

His comments came Tuesday in Detroit as 1,500 union members, including Jime Zent of Fort Wayne's Local 2209, kicked off a two-day meeting to set the bargaining agenda in upcoming talks. Meanwhile, about 20 union members and retirees picketed outside the convention center in protest of UAW concessions made to domestic automakers.

GM, Chrysler and Ford are expected to demand major concessions from the UAW in upcoming talks. Health care costs, wages, work rules and the jobs bank are at issue.

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