Sunday, May 14, 2006

Delphi drops charges

Delphi drops charges

The union official led from a plant in cuffs will not be charged, but is not allowed back in the plant.
By John Nolan

Staff Writer

DAYTON — Delphi Corp. said Friday that it has dropped a trespassing allegation it made against Joe Buckley, president of United Auto Workers Local 696, even though Delphi had police arrest him last week and removed him from its Dayton brake plant.

But company spokesman Brad Jackson said that Buckley still isn't being allowed into the plant, pending discussions that management is having with representatives of the Detroit-based UAW's national headquarters.

"It's going to put a strain on the relationship, there's no doubt about that," Buckley said.

Jackson declined comment on why the auto parts company banished Buckley. The union president maintains an office in the plant, where the UAW represents 1,400 hourly workers. There is no timetable for Buckley's return.

"We dropped the charges," Jackson said Friday. "Our primary objective was achieved ... for him to leave the plant."

Deirdra Logan, Dayton's chief city prosecutor, said Delphi had declined to pursue a criminal charge against Buckley.

Buckley said Delphi initially had Dayton police handcuff him and take him to jail on a criminal-trespassing charge May 5 after he refused a company demand to leave the plant.

Earlier that day, Delphi placed Local 696 shop chairman Tony Keen on indefinite suspension for what management said was his involvement in an unauthorized work stoppage, Buckley said.

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